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Who we are...

The Sumter Cruisers club was organized in 1997!  We have servered Sumter and the surrounding areas for 25 faithful years!  We created Sumter Cruisers Club to bring car-loving people together for roaring-fun and lasting-fellowship.  We are seeking those with all levels of interests in cars... whether you are novice to expert... Sumter Cruisers is the Club for all car enthusiasts!

At our height, we sported over 45 members.  Most are active participants in meetings, car shows and cruise-ins.  We are business personnel, law-enforcement, military, retirees, and everyone in between. 

Our cars are just as diverse; we represent All types of cars as well!  Be it vintage, muscle, custom hot rods, current models, and everything in between!  All cars; whether fully restored, under restoration, or pure stock... we welcome you!



Introducing our Sumter Cruisers Officers:

President - Bobby Beatson, Jr

Vice President - Tony Mancini

Secretary - Jim Richards

Treasurer - Andrea Marcella

Editor - Dave Marcella

Member-at-Large - Dan Daniel 



*Elections are held during the November monthly meeting.  Meetings take place the 2d Thursday of the month at the Restaurant at Second Mill at 6:30pm.  Anyone interested in learning what we are all about are welcome to attend.



Interested in becoming a member?

Complete the Membership Application / Renewal and bring to one of our monthly meetings.  

The Sumter Cruisers (www.sumtercruisers.com) is a nonprofit organization for car and truck enthusiasts.  This form helps the Club keep your contact information up to date for newsletters and future mailings.

Please fill out form and return with club dues. 

Annual dues are $25.00 per year/person.

Any information provided is for club records only and will not be sold/shared/disbursed without permission.



Let us know what you're interested in:

Car Show(s)    Cruise-In(s)    Learning about cars    Volunteering

Other:  ______________________________




Contact us Directly at:  803-481-4269

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

Check out pictures of our Club members and their cars here.


Pictures continue on here for more Club members and their cars.



At Sumter Cruisers, we are family!  Here we also honor our bretheren whom we have lost, and never forgotten.  GOD SPEED!